How I Can Help 

I work with you by exploring your past, in particular your attachment style. I help you understand how this has affected your personal and professional relationships as an adult. This knowledge isn’t always available to us in our conscious mind. Some patterns, believes and messages we pick up about ourselves in our early years, are hidden deep in our unconsciousness. Being in therapy is a unique opportunity to learn and understand these patterns and messages, as well as to understand the impact they are having in your life. Part of the work is also equipping you with tools that help you turn this awareness and knowledge into positive and constructive actions that lead to significant and meaningful changes .

I also help you process your true feelings in the here and now, helping you manage the difficulties and obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward, changing, and being more grounded and happy in your life. My work is very relationship driven. I use the relationship I build with my clients to help them better understand their way of relating to other people and to enhance the therapeutic process.

I use techniques drawn from both Existential Philosophy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, in order to give you tools that you can use in managing your feelings effectively.

I provide a warm emotional space, free of judgement and impositions.

My practice is located in a quiet, residential part of Stoke Newington, in North London. (N16)