Why Counselling? 

Are you struggling with some difficult feelings like anger, quilt, fear or shame ? Do you feel disconnected, stuck and unable to move on ? You might be feeling anxious, depressed and isolated, or you might not like yourself much. Perhaps you’re struggling with forming and maintaining strong and meaningful relationships. You might feel like you’re not good enough, worthy of love and happiness, or simply feel like you’re irrelevant, insignificant and have no value. You might be in crisis and feel like you can’t cope anymore. You might have experienced a traumatic event that has changed you and made you feel powerless. You might just want to feel better and have more control of your life. Perhaps you’re not living the life you thought you would, and wondering whether there is something else out there for you.

Whatever the reason, counselling offers an opportunity to process your feelings and your life in the way that gives you a meaningful insight into what is really going on for you. It helps you understand how your experiences have shaped you and it gives you an opportunity to become more powerful and confident about your life. It enables you to recognise your true needs and how to go about meeting those. It re-connects you to your true self and makes you the primary driving force of your life.

We all have emotional wounds that need healing, and that healing can only start taking place once we allow ourselves to honour and feel the pain, anger and other difficult emotions we tend to avoid, either because they are overwhelming , or we simply don’t know how to deal with them. Healing also requires being vulnerable , building trust and being more kind and compassionate to ourselves.

Engaging in counselling is a unique opportunity to start healing, accepting and changing, whilst being supported emotionally by your therapist. This work helps you get in touch with what truly and deeply matters to you in your life, and how you can achieve that in order to feel better about yourself, and live in a more meaningful, authentic and fulfilling way.